Post-tropical storm Arthur claims life of Prince Edward Island woman

Jim Day
Published on July 9, 2014

Norberta Weatherbie - Submitted

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A routine act had a horrific outcome and Arthur is to blame.

Norberta Weatherbie was juggling two groceries bags Saturday night as she worked the door to get into her apartment building in Stratford.

Post-tropical storm Arthur stirred up a mighty gust of wind. The door struck the 63-year-old woman’s head with considerable force and a large wound opened.

Significant blood loss led to cardiac arrest. She died in hospital.

“Totally freakish,’’ Joe Corcoran says of his sister’s sudden death.

“It’s just hard to comprehend, I guess. You can’t rationalize any component of it.’’

After further thought, Corcoran adds his sister and other family members believed in fate. Sadly, her time had come.

Weatherbie was a mere two shifts shy of retirement after working for more than 37 years at Mount St. Mary’s in Charlottetown, the longtime home to the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Martha.

The building recently transitioned into a long-term care facility, and Weatherbie was ready to move on as well. The place for many years had been so dear to her.

“It was part of her extended family,’’ says Corcoran.

He says his sister, a big Montreal Canadiens fan, was excited at the prospect of spending more time gardening, travelling and visiting with family, especially her mother who lives in Alberton.

“She was very quiet and unassuming,’’ said Corcoran. “She was happy doing her own thing.’’

Weatherbie lived for many years in Johnston’s River with her late husband Ralph Weatherbie, who died 15 years ago.

She spent the past seven or so years living in an apartment in Stratford.

Weatherbie had no children. She is survived by two sisters and seven brothers..