Feds turn over control of Canso Causeway to the province

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Published on July 2, 2014

Canso Causeway

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A new agreement with Transport Canada lays out the transfer of control of the Canso Causeway to the provincial government.

Repairs to the swing bridge are also outlined in the agreement announced Wednesday by the senior levels of government at the causeway, which links Cape Breton with mainland Nova Scotia.

Ottawa will invest $9 million toward repairing the causeway, which will include upgrades to the mechanical, electrical and structural components of the swing bridge.

Transportation Minister Geoff MacLellan said assuming full control of the Canso Causeway is good news for the province.

He said the causeway is a critical piece of infrastructure linking Cape Breton and Newfoundland to mainland North America.

The repairs will extend the bridge's life by about 25 years.

The federal government will continue to own and maintain the canal and navigational locks.

The agreement replaces the original one signed in 1953.