"Surreal feeling" as Lockeport woman watched former neighbourhood during lockdown

Amy Woolvett amywoolvett@thecoastguard.ca
Published on June 5, 2014
RCMP thought for a time the suspect responsible for killing three officers and injuring two more Wednesday evening was in a building near the corner of Killam Drive and Mountain Road in Moncton Thursday afternoon.
Christopher Gooding - TC MEDIA

It was a surreal feeling for Lockeport resident, Brittenay Bell to watch the neighbourhood she grew up in filling up the television and computer screens with what looked like a war zone during the now ended manhunt in Moncton.

Bell grew up in the neighbourhood that was under lockdown after a shooter killed three police officers and injured two others Wednesday night.

She first heard about what was happening even before news crews had caught wind as her news feed by friends began posting about the shooter on a social media site.

“I remember one of my first thoughts was that sort of thing doesn’t happen here,” said Bell.  “It’s a safe place.”

She said the neighbourhood was a place you didn’t have to worry about; her mother was confident to let her walk to and from school from age 9 and described it as a quiet residential neighbourhood.

“There was never any worry about anything bad happening,” she said.

As Bell watched the coverage, recognizable scenes flitted across the screen.

“There was news coverage…police surrounded a rooming house and they were standing under the Lily’s Chinese Buffet sign and I remember I used to beg my mom to go there all the time,” she said.  “Seeing it so close to what was going on was pretty eerie.”

After hearing the news Bell contacted close friends only to find they were in lockdown.

She said they were scared but safe.

Like so many, Bell’s shaking her head at the horribleness of the situation.

“This sort of thing doesn't happen in Atlantic Canada,” she said.  “All it took was one man to shatter that sense of safety & security."