Const. Dave Ross' family shares message

Published on June 10, 2014

Const. Dave Ross’ family has shared a message about the officer via the RCMP website written by his father ,Yvon Ross, and his wife, Rachael (Vander Ploeg) Ross, who is from Sheffield Mills, Kings County.

Read more about Dave and Rachael Ross here. 

Ross' family message: 

Constable Dave Joseph Ross was a man of integrity who put his all into everything he did. He was a well-respected and responsible young man; a devoted and attentive father to his son, Austin, and husband to his wife, Rachael. A man who loved the outdoors, he had a passion for tracking and hunting game. He also had a great love for dogs, especially German Shepherds. It was these passions that led Dave into police work. It only made sense that he would become a Police Dog Services Handler. Dave took a lot of pride in his work with his current police dog, Danny.

Rachael also had an affection for German Shepherds and Dave's police dogs. In particular, Dave's first dog, Art, played a special role in their relationship. Rachael and Dave's relationship blossomed going for walks with Art. When Dave and Rachael would hold hands, Art would often try to nose their hands apart because he wanted all of Dave's attention. These were very special memories the couple shared. Dave loved Rachael unconditionally and he showed it every day by making sure she knew that she was the only one for him.

Dave was a passionate man. Destiny took him from us at only 32 years-old. He will be forever in our hearts.

 - Rachael and Yvon


« Par dessus tout ce qu'il a fait, il y a ce qu'il est.

Oui, un fils respectueux,

Oui, un fils responsable,

Oui, un fils attentionné envers Racheal et Austin.

Mais surtout, mon fils, mon fils


Le destin a voulu que Dave décède à 32 ans.

Que puis-je ajouter?

Dieu a donné,

Dieu a repris,

Que Dieu soit béni!

 Adieu mon fils. »

 - Written by Yvon Ross

Coverage from our Francophone sister publication  in Victoriaville, Dave Ross' hometown.