Newfoundland firefighters rescue dog from ice pan

Cindy Cox
Published on April 8, 2014

 Fire Chief Bob Benoit from the Conne River, N.L., volunteer fire department came to the rescue of a dog that drifted off into the bay on an ice pan near Conne River on Sunday, April 7.  The animal was reported no worse for wear after its brush with danger.

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There’s one dog owner Newfoundland who is very grateful to the community’s volunteer fire department, after an incident in the community on Sunday past.

The Conne River Fire Department received a call for assistance around 1:30 p.m. that day when a resident of the community noticed the dog on an ice pan that was drifting out into the bay.

"We realized it was in a tough spot with the water being so cold and with the falling tide only a few minutes away," said Fire Chief Bob Benoit who, along with three other volunteers — Calvin John, Cyrus Lambert and Dan McDonald — went to the animal’s rescue.

Using an ice rescue board, and wearing cold-water immersion suits, the firemen were able to get to the ice pan and try to get the animal onto the rescue board.

“He was just too afraid and too cold so it was decided to snag the ice pan and drag it back to the shore with the help of the other members and community members on the security line,” said Chief Benoit.

It took about 30 minutes to make the rescue.

Once back on shore the dog was returned to its owner, Duane Joe. Following the ordeal, the family pet is back to its old self and no worse for wear after its ordeal.