Updated: Nova Scotia RCMP rescue puppies in East Preston

Published on January 29, 2014

A Halifax Regional Municipality RCMP officer rescued some abandoned puppies late last night. 

Just before 11 p.m. Jan. 29, an officer found three black puppies huddled together on Lake Eagle Drive, East Preston.

"The puppies were shivering and dirty as they appeared to be out in the elements for a while," spokesman Corp. Scott MacRae. The officer looked for other puppies, but didn't find any dogs. 

The officer coaxed the baby animals into his car and then the dogs were taken to the RCMP Cole Harbour detachment, where police say they were welcomed with "some water and some love."

"A Halifax Regional Municipality dispatcher advised of a dog shelter that would take the puppies in the morning so in the meantime they were going to spend the night with the night at the Integrated Emergency Service Center," the RCMP release said. "The dispatchers had purchased food, treats, toys and they were given a nice warm bath."

Metro Halifax is reporting the puppies are now being cared for by Litters n’ Critters Animal Rescue. A Facebook posting by the rescue organization states the pups are six to seven weeks old, thin and suffering from canine lice, frostbite and – in one case – a broken tail.

“They are now safe in our rescue and no one will ever hurt them again,” writes the rescue agency, adding the dogs won’t be available for adoption until a vet gives the okay

According to the witty release from the RCMP, the "puppies are pleased to be pampered once again after a cold, painful and unpleasant ordeal."