Nova Scotia government changes rules for microbreweries selling 'growlers'

Published on January 29, 2014

Microbrewery customers can now buy a bottle of their favorite local brew right from the bar, the provincial government says.

Changes to the Liquor Licensing Regulations, effective Jan. 29, allow beer made in-house to be sold from the pub instead of having to be purchased from an adjacent, segregated storefront.

"It's about convenience and making it easier for microbreweries to do business,"  Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations Minister Mark Furey said in a release. "These businesses can now serve their customers and avoid some of the extra red tape that has been burdensome for them. At the same time, the change does not increase access to liquor beyond liquor store hours."

Beer will be sold in 1.8 litre to two-litre bottles, known as growlers. The sale for offsite consumption is not permitted after 10 p.m.

Brewpubs and microbreweries can now sell their product within the premises as long as the patron leaves after purchasing the bottle. The bottle must be sealed.