Dartmouth woman arrested after police called about alleged 'sexual act' on Air Canada flight

Published on January 25, 2014

A Nova Scotian woman faces assault, disturbance and mischief charges after an airport incident Friday night.   

RCMP say they questioned two passengers on Air Canada flight 610 from Toronto when they arrive at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport Jan. 24  after they got a call about two passengers who were allegedly involved in a sexual act on a flight from Toronto.

Upon arrival at the terminal, the 24-year-old woman and the 38-year-old man were approached by police after they were identified by the in-flight crew.

As the investigation began, the woman became very agitated and disruptive and was eventually placed under arrest for causing a disturbance. During the escort to the RCMP office, the woman continued to be verbally abusive, physically resisting and then assaulted police by kicking.

The woman was incarcerated overnight and released this morning while the man was released on scene. No one was injured.

The Porters Lake Road woman is facing charges of assaulting a police officer, causing disturbance and mischief. She is scheduled to appear in Dartmouth Provincial Court Feb. 25. Police say the investigation into the incident is continuing and RCMP anticipate additional charges to be laid against the pair.