Fort Point Lighthouse to be operated by Lane's Privateer Inn

Published on February 15, 2017

The Fort Point Lighthouse will once again be operated by Lane’s Privateer Inn.

LIVERPOOL - Lane’s Privateer Inn has once again secured the contract to operate Fort Point Lighthouse in Liverpool.

In 2016, the region put the operation of the lighthouse up for tender for a private company to operate. Lanes secured that contract.

At council, Lane’s was once again given a tender to Lanes Privateer Inn, which was the highest scoring proponent in a recent tendering process.

Fort Point is the third oldest surviving lighthouse in Nova Scotia, open since 1855. It had been owned operated by the region since it was decommissioned in 1989. In an effort to save money, the region put the operation of the lighthouse out for private tender in 2016.

Lanes was given a three-year contract, starting this spring.

It must be open at least between June 1 and Oct. 31, for a minimum of seven hours a day.

The region requires Lanes to provide interpreters to portray the history of the lighthouse and area to reflect the interpretive panels, with preferably at least one bilingual staff member.

Lanes has to provide first class janitorial services, including cleaning of private washrooms.

As part of Lane’s proposal, it has agreed to provide a Lighthouse Children’s Theatre, to work with the Astor Theatre’s Summer Theatre Camp to present a performance at the lighthouse.

It will also provide a Lighthouse Concert on the Hill, with Nova Scotia Musicians providing free concerts.

Lane’s will provide a “Lighthouse Café” providing coffee, blueberry lemonade, pastries and ice cream. Seating will be provided inside and outside during the peak summer period.

Artists will also provide demonstrations, and local authors will be brought in to read in a coffee house atmosphere.

Lane’s Privateer Inn also plans to re-offer the “Lighthouse Lunches” in 2017. That consists of a wooden box filled with everything for a memorable picnic lunch by the ocean.

Lane’s also plans to open the lighthouse for Christmas on the Mersey, with live Christmas music, carolling and apple cider.

The plan to contract out the lighthouse will save the region $25,000 a year.