Kentville considering its options for new library

Ashley Thompson
Published on May 2, 2015

Kentville C@P site.

©Kirk Starratt

KENTVILLE – With Berwick selected as the future home of Annapolis Valley Regional Library’s headquarters, the Town of Kentville is weighing its options for a standalone library branch. 

It is anticipated the building housing Kentville’s public library will be demolished to make way for the construction of a new steel bridge over the Cornwallis River.

“The library will require a new home by the spring of 2016 due to construction of a new Cornwallis River Bridge that will commence at that time. Bridge construction will change the landscape of that particular section of Kentville, which will necessitate the demolition of the current library building,” a Town of Kentville media release reads.

Hosting the AVRL headquarters in Kentville would have created an opportunity for the town to share the leasing costs for the library space.

Kentville responded to a request for proposals AVRL issued in hopes of finding a new space for the regional library’s base, which is currently located in Bridgetown.

The hosting municipal government covers the building costs associated with having a library branch, while AVRL pays the charges relating to the delivery of library programs and services.

“Town council’s preference would be to see the library fill a currently vacant space

downtown, but proposals from developers for new buildings have also been considered. It is not the intention of the town to build and own a new building for the library,” the media release states.

Council has four proposals to evaluate in considering the new location of the library, the release indicates.

“The Town of Kentville is committed to finding the best possible space in which to place the library. Council is weighing options and potential locations with the goal of achieving a balance that considers functionality, sustainability, size, location and cost.”