Berwick fire department getting new dry hydrant ponds

Nancy Kelly
Published on September 4, 2014
Berwick’s fire department is getting three new dry hydrants at ponds on the north mountain in order to improve service to Berwick’s outlying communities. 
N. Kelly

Partnership between the fire commission and county will fund three new water access points

The Berwick and District Volunteer Fire Department will improve service to outlying communities with the upcoming addition of three new dry hydrant ponds.

A dry hydrant is a non-pressurized pipe system installed next to a body of water. It provides easy access to an ample supply of water to fill tanker trucks in an emergency and is particularly helpful in a rural environment like that which is served by the Berwick fire department.

Berwick’s new hydrants, which will be installed at locations on the North Mountain, are being funded through a partnership between the Berwick and District Fire Commission and the County of Kings.

“The fire commission and the county are working hand-in-hand” on the expansion reported Berwick Fire Chief Laurie Saunders.

The new locations include Brow Mountain Road at Long Point Road; Russia Road at Spicer Road and Armstrong Road at the Fundy shore.

Saunders said the department has plans to install a pond hydrant on Prospect Road south of Berwick in the near future.

“Once we get that one, our coverage will be pretty well complete,” he said, noting dry hydrants “help communities outside of town.”