Provincial government assisting with Stannus Street upgrades

Ashley Thompson
Published on August 6, 2014
Stannus Street is in line for substantial upgrades.
Ashley Thompson

The provincial government is footing a portion of the bill for upgrades to Stannus Street.

The Town of Windsor was among 10 recipients of Provincial Capital Assistance Program funding recently awarded through the Department of Municipal Affairs.

Provincial funding to the tune of $187,286 will help finance the cost of a $1-million project that will involve the replacement of water mains, sewer lines, curbs and gutters, sidewalks and the road surface on the stretch of Stannus Street between Grey Street and King Street.

“We are waiting for the contractor to confirm their construction schedule and hope that the project will begin by the middle of August with completion in October,” saidDon Beatty, Windsor’s director of public works.

A press release announcing the distribution of nearly $800,000 through the Provincial Capital Assistance Program says the grant money was awarded to high priority projects “that eliminate serious environmental health problems.”

“Replacement of water and sewer pipes fits this category as new pipes reduces the chance of water contamination due to water main breaks and replacement of sewer pipes eliminates the chances of sewage escaping from pipes and causing environmental damage,” Beatty explained.

Municipal Affairs Minister Mark Furey touted the program as an avenue through which the provincial government can help municipalities complete costly, yet necessary, capital projects.

"Water supply, sewage disposal and solid waste projects can place significant cost burdens on municipal governments and their residents," said Furey, in a press release issued July 25.  

"This funding can help ease that burden, meaning needed capital improvements can be completed sooner."