After Arthur comes Bertha: tropical storm might bring rain Wednesday

Jonathan Riley, Digby Courier
Published on August 3, 2014

Tropical Storm Bertha may affect Nova Scotia mid-week.

©Canadian Hurricane Centre

After Arthur comes Bertha.

The second major tropical storm of the season is headed north but this one is not expected to come as close to Nova Scotia.

Tropical storm Bertha is currently over the Bahamas and could bring heavy rain to Nova Scotia by Wednesday or Thursday.

Environment Canada says it’s still too early to know if weather system will affect land but at the very least it might send waves to the coasts of southern Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

Environment suggest residents stay tuned for updates and more details as the system approaches.

Today Sunday, Bertha was moving northwest at 30 kilometres per hour with maximum sustained wind speeds of 75 km/h.

The first tropical storm of the season, Arthur, hit Nova Scotia a month ago, knocking out power to a hundred thousand customers across the province – some people in southwestern Nova Scotia were over a week without power.