A Week That Changed Our World: Love is all you need

Published on August 29, 2014

There’s a hard day of work ahead for Brad Coady in Springhill, but for two of his co-workers the only thing on their minds this weekend is each other.

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Friday, 8:27 a.m., Springhill, N.S.

It starts like a typical rainy day inside the workshop.

At 8:30 a.m. on this Friday morning, employees are rolling in. The shop employees are swapping rain jackets for coveralls, pulled from their lockers.

The girls from the contracts department are making chitchat.

“My doctor says I lost eight pounds and my blood sugar-levels are down,” Sarah says.

“That’s good,” Faye assures.

“Yeah, well, does it look like I lost eight pounds? If I did I’d like to know from where,” she says, arms outstretched as she checks her hips and midriff.

Sherry is nearby and wants to tell me something.

Sherry’s the type of girl that’s always smiling to begin with, but she is now beaming like a Nova Scotia lighthouse when she confides: “Vance and I are going together.”

I’m taken aback. Vance?

“From woodshop,” Sarah fills me in.

I’m still taken aback. Though, workplace romances happen. In fact, this wouldn’t be the first one at the shop.

“That’s good to hear, Sherry,” I tell her. “Are you happy?”

Her familiar smile is different than usual.

I realize she’s experiencing a level of happiness that falls somewhere between being named prom queen and being Demi Moore in the love scene with Patrick Swayze in Ghost.

She is loved and she is in love.

And, believe this, she is smiling — she is someone special in someone special’s life.

The ebb and flow of Friday continues on for the employees at the Golden Opportunities Vocational and Rehabilitation Centre, a vocational training facility for mentally challenged adults.

But there’s nothing typical about this rainy day at all.

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