Woods Harbour family still searching for gentle giant

Greg Bennett gbennett@thecoastguard.ca
Published on August 28, 2014

A Woods Harbour family is still searchng for their gentle giant, a six-year-old Newfoundland dog named Mya.

By Greg Bennett

For more than two weeks Samantha Atkinson and her family have been missing a large bundle of love in their home in the form of a 120-pound Newfoundland dog.

Mya has been missing from her Woods Harbour home for more than two weeks and her family is deeply concerned. 

But there is hope.

Several people have reported sighting Mya in recent days in the French Lake area, near the Yarmouth County line, and Atkinson says the community has come out in force to help search for her wayward pet.

Walking the former railway trail between the Pubnico area and Woods Harbour in the search for her dog, Atkinson has come across strangers carrying treats and a leash –in case they spot Mya.

“I can not tell you how overwhelmed I am at the generosity of people,” she said.

That generosity has extended far beyond Woods Harbour.

Atkinson says Joey Wagner, a man in the Weymouth area who is known for rescuing dogs designed and built a live trap for Mya, which was set up for the first time on Wednesday.

The trap was empty after the first night, but Atkinson has strong hopes it will find Mya soon.

“I’m praying someone will see her again so we’ll know where to set the trap up,” she said.

When Mya first went missing, the family had been deeply concerned the large black dog had been mistaken for a bear and had been shot.

“We’ve asked around and it doesn’t appear that was the case,” she said.

Atkinson says the family hopes that if someone did shoot her accidentally or hit her with a car that they would let them know so they could at least try to find her body.

In the meantime, a family who misses their gentle giant will keep hoping and searching.