Some waves, but little impact in Nova Scotia from passing hurricane

Southern Grand Banks could see hurricane force winds

Greg Bennett
Published on August 27, 2014
Hurricane Cristobal is expected to swing by Nova Scotia on Thursday, causing moderate surf and rip tide conditions along the Atlantic coast.

There could be some good swells for surfers but that’s about it for an impact on Nova Scotia from Hurricane Cristobal, expected to churn far offshore as it passes us on Thursday and Friday.

An information statement from the Canadian Hurricane Centre says there will be ocean swells along the southern Atlantic coastlines of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland on Thursday and Friday.

Nova Scotia will have some rain on Thursday from an unrelated system.

The largest impacts from the hurricane will be to marine areas. The main concern with this storm is the potential for very large waves and hurricane-force winds over the Southern Grand Banks.

Interests in the Northern Grand Banks should remain on alert in case there are indications of a farther-north track. The hurricane will be gaining energy as a post-tropical storm and may possess high westerly to northwesterly winds immediate to the left (north) of its track as the centre passes by.

A non-tropical low and the hurricane are forecast to merge into one large and intense low pressure system over the Grand Banks.

There will be some wind and rain over Atlantic Canada tomorrow and Friday that again will not be directly related to Cristobal.

Atlantic coastal Nova Scotia may see ocean swells giving moderate surf and rip tide conditions on Thursday.