Queens Comic Convention scrambling for new name: Updated Aug. 29

Brittany W. Verge brittany.verge@theadvance.ca
Published on August 26, 2014
NovaCon - The Sci-fi, fantasy, comic book convention headed for Queens this June was recently told they could not use the words Nova or Scotia in their convention's name.  Now they're looking for a new name.
Dylan Edwards

Tracy Barron, a spokesperson for Service Nova Scotia says the NovaCon group can appeal the decision on whether they can use the name NovaCon.

“The name was rejected based on similarities with another name in the registry,” says Barron.

If the group disagrees with the decision there is an appeal process they can go through to have the decision reviewed by the registrar.

“We would encourage the applicant in this case to contact the office,” says Barron.

Barron says the only contact the Registry of Joint Stock Companies had with the applicants is when they came in to search the name and were told it too closely resembled the other name on the list.


Queens County’s first sci-fi, fantasy, and comic book convention has hit a bit of a snag with its name – NovaCon.

The group is looking for a new name and it can’t include Nova or Scotia.  Organizers said they were told on Aug. 25 by the Registry of Joint Stock Companies that they could not use the name NovaCon. Now the group is scrambling.

NovaCon will choose a new name through a contest running until Aug. 30.

Catherine Croft, an organizer of the convention says the name switch is frustrating.

“We’ve got web designers, I’ve had graphic designers, we’ve paid all this money for all this stuff,” says Croft.

Croft says they had already been using the name for Twitter, Facebook, their website, their designs, and more. 

Brent Laybolt, a sci-fi writer from Lunenburg County, has offered to write the person who chooses the best, eligible, name into his next book and kill them off in a gruesome fashion.

            The convention is set to take place in June 2015.  Vendors and guests are already being invited and Croft says they were already in discussion about ticket prices.

            Regardless of the name change, the event will happen says Croft.  Croft and organizers presented to the South Shore Awesome Foundation on Aug. 27 with three other groups of finalists.  Although they were not chosen to receive $1,000, they were told to apply again.

To suggest a name or watch the video of their presentation, visit their Facebook page.