Who took that shot? Get to know KingsCountyNews.ca photo contributors

Published on August 25, 2014

It has happened almost every day this summer.

Our readers, particularly those who live outside the Valley, have expressed their appreciation for the contributed photos available on Kings County Advertiser and Register’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Tamara Stevens commented on a sunset shot, “this is pure magic for people like me whom love home but can not be there to enjoy it. Thank you so much Phil Vogler. You take my breath away with your amazing gift of capturing the beautiful Bay of Fundy. Thanks Kings County.”

Carol Book wrote, “beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them,” while Cora Dauphinee-Paul said she looks forward to the scenic images/

So we decided to check in with three of our contributors to let them know how valued they are.

Kim Foote brings her camera “almost everywhere I go and I’m always looking for picture opportunities. I was secretary of the Woodville Community Club for over so years and try to attend as many community events as I can.”

A storyteller at heart, Foote says she enjoys photographing “my children, relatives and friends participating in local sports, clubs and hobbies.” 

A substitute teacher by profession, Foote says she has no specialized photographic training.

“I am an amateur.”

Phil Vogler says he needed a hobby after he stopped playing and coaching baseball about four years ago.

“It gives me a reason to get outdoors - looking for a new location, a place I haven’t visited before. Nova Scotia is full of them.”

His favourite types of images are nautical.

“The Bay of Fundy is a great source for me. I follow a Russian on Facebook, Valery Vasilevskiy, who is sailing on a tall ship right now, his pictures are amazing…and I am jealous.”

While untrained as a photographer, Vogler admits he is stubborn.

“That helps. My father is a photographer and he usually had a darkroom set up in the basement when we were kids. I used to marvel at the borders that he would cut out of cardboard and the tape on the enlarger to get various edge effects on his photographs. Double exposures were cool too. I guess I always had an interest.”

This summer has been spent, Vogler said, watching his youngest son playing baseball and taking day trips around Nova Scotia and “... umm taking pictures.”

Gary Manning of Coldbrook likes to help out staff photographers “just for the fun of doing it. It’s a challenge to see if I can get a good shot worth putting in the paper. The thrill of getting a good shot.”

Manning likes to snap sports and wildlife images. The Michelin employee has a natural facility because he has never taken any photographic training.

“I’m just an amateur that spends too much money on camera gear, the end results can be quite pleasing.”