New bus for Annapolis County

Federal gas tax rebate makes project possible

Lawrence Powell
Published on August 20, 2014

A new bus purchased by Annapolis County will provide a safer, cleaner, and more efficient commute for passengers in the western end of Annapolis County. The new, smaller bus will replace an older vehicle and will be better suited for its ridership volume. It will continue to provide accessible transportation to persons with limited mobility.

The new bus was officially unveiled Tuesday at municipal headquarters in Annapolis Royal.

Officials say the new bus will significantly improve fuel economy and reduce maintenance costs and greenhouse gas emissions. It is also equipped with the latest technology, including an electric engine cooling system that is engineered to minimize the vehicle’s life cycle costs.

Thanks to federal investments, the new bus will support the municipality’s on-going objective of providing residents and the rural communities with a reliable, fully accessible, and environmentally friendly transit service.

Ottawa is contributing $281,080 through the federal Gas Tax Fund to this project. To date, a total of $5,415,407 has been made available to the County of Annapolis through the fund.

“Our government is proud to support significant infrastructure projects like these,” said West Nova MP Greg Kerr in a media release. “We understand that public transit is an essential service to building strong, sustainable communities. This new, modern bus is an important community asset that will provide the residents of Annapolis County and neighbouring counties with a safer and more reliable transit service for years to come.”

He said the investments through the Gas Tax Fund transfer continue to generate economic growth and job creation in Nova Scotia and across Canada.

“We recognize the valuable role public transit plays in rural Nova Scotia and the importance of maintaining a viable public transportation system to ensure our communities are prosperous and productive,” said Nova Scotia Minister of Municipal Affairs Mark Furey. “The new bus will provide Annapolis County residents with reliable and accessible transit services as they travel to work, school or other activities throughout the region.”

Annapolis County Warden Reg Ritchie thanked Kerr.

“Admittedly, living in this picturesque and peaceful setting can sometimes result in transportation challenges but, thankfully, the County of Annapolis is able to offer residents a reliable and well-managed bus service through the Kings Transit Authority,” said Ritchie. “We are also fortunate to have a strong partnership with our local MP, Mr. Greg Kerr, who through the federal government Gas Tax Fund has worked diligently with us to provide a sleek new bus for the comfort and convenience of the service-users in the western end of Annapolis County making their commute a more enjoyable experience. On behalf of the municipality and residents who depend on this bus service, thank you.”

Kings Transit acting general manager Stephen Foster drove the bus to municipal headquarters and gave Kerr, Ritchie, and councilors a tour of the new vehicle.