Canning residents hold demonstration on state of roads, post-Arthur cleanup

John Decoste
Published on August 20, 2014

A group of Canning-area residents are “fed up” with the condition of local roads and the progress of cleaning up tree limbs and other debris from post-tropical storm Arthur.

A group of between 15 to 20 residents gathered with their vehicles Aug. 20 just after noon at the Canning Lions Hall to demonstrate their displeasure.

“The real issue is tropical storm Arthur,” said group spokesperson Dave Fuller of Blomidon. “The power company is saying how much they’ve spent trimming and cleaning up trees, but we’re not seeing it.”

He pointed out, “Our vehicles are being beat to pieces from the tree limbs that are still hanging over the roadways. It’s costing us dollars to repair our vehicles.

"The state of the roads in Kings County is disgusting. Nothing seems to be being done, and we think it’s time something was done," Fuller added. 

To Fuller and the rest of the group, one reason the roads are in such poor shape is that “so many ditches and culverts are full and plugged up and need cleaning out.”

The group feels it’s time something was done to address both these issues, which, though separate, are connected: particularly in terms of the damage being done to vehicles.

“As independent business owners, we’re losing money repairing our vehicles,” Fuller said. If the trees and other debris were cleaned up, he suggested, “there also might not be as many power outages, or for as long.” While “some power outages are to be expected, we have businesses to run.”

Fuller added, “it’s hard to understand how (companies like Nova Scotia Power) can pay their executives such huge salaries and bonuses,” while at the same time laying off many of the workers who would keep these kinds of things under control.

"They have a responsibility to us, their customers, and we feel they’re falling short.”

The group, he said, “wanted to bring a number of people here today,” including the media, to raise awareness of the problem.

“It’s an issue that needs to be addressed.”