Boat races still drawing large crowds in Barrington

Published on August 18, 2014

By Amy Woolvett

The Nova Scotia Boat Racing Association continues to draw large crowds during the summer races, bringing fans of all ages to the causeway in Barrington.

There was a bit of controversy at the Aug. 3 race as the fans got a little carried away.

One of the racing boats turned around a buoy and was swamped with a wave of water.

Some fans cheered.

“I don’t think they understand that it is a dangerous situation,” said president of the association Becky Nickerson. “Nobody got hurt but their rivalry got a bit carried away.”

She said while there is a friendly rivalry between racers, doesn’t go very deep.

“They are there to help each other and most are friends,” reminded Nickerson.

She said most of the time the fans were great, especially the children who can repeat all the stats on the racers with enthusiasm.

“That is why the racers do it,” she said, with the racers spending so much time, energy and money modifying and racing.  “The men say that is what makes it all worth it.”

The next race will be at the Barrington causeway on Aug 23 in memory of Dustin Conrad.