New study looking at possible commuter bus between Kings and Halifax

Published on August 1, 2014

A new study is being done to look into the feasibility of a commuter transit system between Kings County and Halifax.

Initiated by the Eco-Kings Action Team, the goal is to determine the feasibility of a transit service to major employment areas in Halifax, improving transportation options for residents and reducing vehicle fuel consumption and dependence on cars.

Concepts under consideration include a bus, publicly or privately operated, that makes daily stops at major locations, such as park and ride sites, which would allow employees to leave their vehicles and ride the bus to major employment destinations in areas like Burnside and downtown Halifax.

There may also be a potential to offer shuttle service for residents to travel to the city for medical appointments and shopping excursions.

The first component of this study is an online survey of residents’ transportation activity, needs and ideas. A series of stakeholder consultations will also be undertaken. It’s hoped the study will be completed by the end of October.

MMM Group will be providing professional and technical support for this plan. This study is being funded by the Green Municipal Fund and Nova Scotia Moves.

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