Updated: Arthur keeps Kentville emergency responders, public works crews on toes

Kirk Starratt kstarratt@kingscountynews.ca
Published on July 9, 2014

Tropical storm Arthur kept emergency responders and public works crews in Kentville on their toes.

Kentville Fire Chief Ryan MacEachern said on July 9 that his department “is up around the 70 call range.” He said the bulk of calls related to downed branches, trees and power lines. He said local departments are still being called out to downed lines four days after Kings County endured the wrath of the storm.

“Our duty is to make sure the public is safe,” MacEachern said. “If we felt there was a need to cordon it off, we did.”

During the chaos on July 5, Kentville firefighters responded to two simultaneous calls about house fires, one on Lacewood Drive and another around the corner on Southview Avenue. Both incidents were caused by power surges.

MacEachern said the house on Lacewood was full of smoke but firefighters were able to find the source and extinguish it quickly. There was a burning or smoke smell reported in the other house but firefighters didn’t discover any problems. MacEachern described both calls as minor and they were able to clear both scenes quickly.

Kentville Police Inspector Ken Reade said it was a busy weekend for their department. He said there was nothing too serious but they responded to about 16 calls.

“The boys were busy going from downed wires to downed tree complaints for most of the day,” Reade said.

Town of Kentville public works director Fred Whynot said on July 9 that only Colonial and Prince streets remained closed. Residents can still travel to and from their homes, as the streets are through ways.

"There are still several problem trees so there is still potential for future closures," Whynot said.