Nova Scotia Power apologizes for communications breakdown

Published on July 9, 2014

Nova Scotia Power is apologizing to its customers for problems they have experienced in accessing information about power outages and restoration estimates.

President and CEO Bob Hanf made the apology on Wednesday, July 9, and committed to customers that the company is doing everything it can to safely restore power as quickly as possible.

“Our communications technology fell short of what our customers expect, and what we expect. I apologize for that,” Hanf said while observing power restoration efforts in the Annapolis Valley. “We’re going to review what went wrong with our phone system and our online outage information system and we’ll fix it.”

Nova Scotia Power has approximately 700 people working on the effort to restore power to Nova Scotians, including power line technicians, damage assessors, foresters, planners, engineers, electricians, technicians, along with supervisors and support staff.

Nova Scotia Power is working to have power restored Thursday in central and eastern Nova Scotia and by Friday in the Western end of the province. As of noon on Wednesday power had been restored to approximately 95 per cent of the 200,000 customers who lost power due to post-tropical Storm Arthur.

“This is the worst storm we’ve had since Hurricane Juan, and some communities sustained tree damage just as bad as Juan, particularly areas of western Nova Scotia,” Hanf said. “This has been a real hardship for our customers, and we are 100 per cent focused on restoring power to each and every one of them. Our progress has been slowed by thousands of fallen trees.”

In Yarmouth County there are still many areas where people have been without power since Arthur blew through the area on July 5. The clean up of properties is also still ongoing.

On social media people have complained about the length of time it has taken to get power restored. Some people have reported being told by Nova Scotia Power their power has been restored when it was actually still out.

Others are more understanding of the situation, however, given the extent of damage.

No matter the side of the debate, though, people have expressed gratitude for the crews who are carrying out the work. Hanf also expressed thanks to the workers.

“I want to thank our employees for their tireless efforts,” he said. “They are doing remarkable work to bring the power back on for our customers, while always keeping safety as our top priority.”

Updated outage/restoration information is available at or by phoning 1-877-428-6004 (toll-free).


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