Annapolis County Nova Scotia power outage update

Published on July 8, 2014
Many people are still waiting for power to be restored. Crews are working around the clock to get people back on the grid, but it will take time in some areas, say NSP official.
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Many still wait for power restoration

Pockets of residents in Annapolis may not see their power restored until Friday.

Nova Scotia Power spokesperson Neera Ritcey says that the company began contacting about 2,300 customers across the region they had identified that are unlikely to see power restored last night.

“It doesn’t mean necessarily, but it’s likely,” Ritcey said. “Most of those are in the west (of the province).”

Some of the areas that were hardest hit by Arthur were Greenwood and Kingston in Kings County, as well as Bridgetown and Margaretsville in Annapolis County. Hampton residents, parts of Granville Ferry, pockets in the town of Middleton are also reporting outages.

 “There were areas in the western region where we saw hurricane-strength winds for several hours. There was widespread and very deep destruction. That’s what the crews are up against,” she said.

Delays in restoration could be due to the damage – in some spots, she says, crews have reported seeing “spans and spans of trees down, full trees uprooted and on lines” – or due to geographical location.

“There are some of what we call branch lines or some remote areas with access issues,” Ritcey said, that may see additional delays.

“We’re trying to bring the largest pockets online first so we can restore more customers at the same time.” Currently, 140 crews are in western Nova Scotia, and additional crews have been brought in from the eastern part of the province. Private contractors from both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are also on the scene.

“We are going to stay at it until every customer is back online,” she said. “We apologize for the disruption this has caused. It’s not easy to be without power for three days and then be told it will take another few days before it’s restored.”

Customers who have been unable to reach NSP or who are encountering long waits when they call are urged to call a dedicated outage line at 1-877-428-6004 and press option one. Ritcey says a customer service representative should answer at that number within a few minutes.