Kings North Greens, Digby NDP among electoral district associations suspended

Published on July 7, 2014

Nova Scotia’s chief electoral officer has suspended the Green Party electoral district association in Kings North.

The suspension was one of six announced July 7 by Richard Temporale after the electoral district associations (EDAs) failed to renew registration and/or file financial reports.

The other affected sites are the PC Party EDA in Dartmouth East, and the NDP EDAs in Clare-Digby, Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie, Inverness and Timberlea-Pospect. An electoral district association representing the Nova Scotia Liberal Party was also suspended briefly but reinstated when they filed the required documents.

As a result of the suspension, these EDAs may not accept a contribution or make or receive a transfer of funds until reinstated.

Temporale has notified the leader of the registered parties that endorsed the electoral district associations of the effective date of the suspension and the reason for the suspension. He has also notified the official agent and principal officers of the EDAs.

The suspension of an electoral district association continues until it is revoked by the chief electoral officer or the electoral district association is deregistered.

The chief electoral officer has also informed the registered parties that a number of electoral districts have yet to register with Elections Nova Scotia (ENS) for the first time and asked for their assistance in resolving the issue. As they have not registered with ENS, they cannot be suspended and ENS has no contact information to notify the official agent or principal officers of the EDAs.