Kings County From the Cruiser July 8

Published on July 8, 2014
From the cruiser

There were over 100 reports made to R.C.M.P. between June 27 and July 2.

Police were called to a grad party on the last weekend in June, which took place in Waterville. Over 100 people were in attendance and a fight broke out. One male was arrested for assaulting a police officer.

Several vehicles were broken into in Greenwich.

A jet ski struck a dock at Aylesford Lake on June 28. It was pulling a tube. Minor injuries occurred, but Const. Tracy Vincent warns that it is illegal to pull someone on any device without a spotter.

There was a break-in at a residence on the East Dalhousie Road and some appliances were stolen.

A shed was broken into in South Greenwood. A lawn tractor and some tools were stolen.

A laptop was stolen from a North Kentville home and a prowler was reported outside a New Minas residence.

June 30

A Blomidon Terrace resident of Wolfville reported the theft of a radio and someone banging on a door.

A youth reported some threats that had occurred nine months earlier in New Minas.

A property owner in Welton’s Corner reported someone had driven on his lawn overnight.

A fraud worth $450 was reported after an email money transfer was made toward the purchase of Cavendish Beach Festival tickets.

Possible drug use was reported from Bonavista Drive in New Minas.

Concern was noted about a small barking dog that was chained near Commercial Street in Berwick without water.

A rear end collision involving three vehicles took place in Greenwood at 10:57 a.m.

A dispute was reported in Morden.

A Greenwood resident called about possible criminal harassment involving a beeping car horn.

A mountain bike was stolen from under a deck on McDow Road in North Kentville.

Threats by a landlord were reported in Canning.

A suspicious parcel was noted in New Minas. Police found some marijuana.

There was a gas and go in New Minas worth $38.94.

A landlord reported an ex-tenant in North Kentville moved out and took three doors. Police located them in an adjacent shed.

A dog was left in a vehicle in New Minas for over 25 minutes.

A small grow op with 13 plants was discovered near an outbuilding at a residence on Brooklyn Street, near Kingston.

A wallet was found on Main Street in Wolfville at 5 p.m.

A Centreville resident reported a telephone scam involving an international caller seeking part of a SIN number.

A Deep Hollow Road resident reported his wife and a neighbour were in a dispute.

A break-in sometime after June 20 was reported on Highland Avenue in Wolfville. Electronics were stolen and some graffiti was applied in a bathroom.

A woman at Valley Regional Hospital reported being in a collision in Melanson in a work vehicle earlier that day.

In a property dispute in North Kentville, one person was reported as a ‘senile old man’ and the other as a drug dealer.

A dog was reported locked in a blue Toyota at 7 p.m. outside a New Minas business.

An iPad was stolen from an apartment in Wolfville. The owner used an app to determine its location and the device was seized. Police are investigating.

Police are also investigating the theft of some cash from a purse in a Kingston apartment.