Arthur sends trees and trampolines flying in Kentville

Published on July 6, 2014

Arthur decided to do a little redecorating as it swept through Kings County.

The storm, which brought winds that knocked down trees and power lines, leaving thousands without power for the weekend, also decided the Prest family’s trampoline wasn’t in a good spot.

The wind picked their trampoline up into the air, spun it around and set it down on top of a fence a few metres away.

“I don’t know how we’re going to get that down,” Shona Prest said. “We’re hoping it’s not all bent when we do get it down.”

Throughout the day on July 5, as Arthur spread its wrath through Kings County, the Oakdene Avenue residents kept a close eye on the large trees in their front yard, said  Prest.

“About 45 minutes before it went, we noticed it had a big split in it, the wind had split it right in the middle. Every time the wind blew, it was weaving in and out. We knew it was going to go down – it was just a matter of when,” she said.

The tree cracked further as heavy winds from Arthur kept pummeling it that night.

“Then, bammo! It went down,” she said. “The kids were crying and scared. Luckily, the wind was blowing in the other direction and it didn’t come down on the house.”

The tree, said neighbour Joyce Young, made a huge crash as it went down.

“I heard a crack as I was picking some branches up that fell on the road,” she said. “I wondered where it came from and I went in the house to see if it was inside. Within five minutes, the big tree started wavering back and forth and went down.”

The top of the tree landed on a nearby power pole, knocking it at a 45 degree angle, and tearing the power lines and meter from the home next door. The tree also took out the cable and phone line at the Prest house.

Firefighters, Town of Kentville employees and police were quick to come to the scene. Blaine Prest also moved his truck to block the nearby intersection so an unsuspecting motorist didn’t strike the tree, which landed partly in the road.

Prest said her husband got started on cleanup of the tree July 6, but it was slow going.

“It’s a huge undertaking that we weren’t expecting,” she said. “The people next door, they still don’t have power. It’s Sunday and they need to get someone in to put their power lines back to their house.”