UPDATE Trees, power lines down as Arthur hits Kings County

Published on July 5, 2014
A tree is down on Church Street in Port Williams due to Arthur. More than 10,000 homes are without power July 5.
Kirk Starratt

Thousands of Kings County residents are still without power this evening as Arthur rips through the area.

Firefighters are responding to reports of downed power lines and fallen trees as a result of the high winds.

There are currently outages in Kentville, Wolfville, Kingston and surrounding areas.

According to Nova Scotia Power, power is not expected to be restored until 11 p.m. in the following areas:

• 1,879 affected: Highbury, North Alton, South Alton, Welton Landing, Forest Home, Murphy Lake, Blue Mountain, Aldersville, Casey Corner, Canaan, Prospect, Mcgee Lake, Lake George, Lake Paul, Parker Meadows, East Dalhousie.

• 1,690 affected: Waterville, Black Rock Rd, Maple Ave west to Berwick, Grafton, Woodville, Canada Creek, Chipman Brook, Somerset, Welsford, Garland, Harbourville and adjacent side roads

• 1,269 affected: Waterville west from Thompson Rd, Prospect Rd west from Bond Rd, South Berwick, Morristown, East Aylesford, Weston, Viewmont, Burlington, west side of Harbourville and adjacent side roads

• 1,267 affected: Coldbrook to Spital Rd, English Mtn Rd, to Best Rd, South Bishop Rd, North Bishop Rd, Brooklyn St, East from North Bishop Rd, Lovett Rd, and adjacent side roads.

• 1,073 affected: East end of Waterville, Cambridge, Brooklyn St from Bligh Rd east to North Bishop Rd, Waterville Mtn Rd, Cambridge Rd (North & South) and adjacent side roads

• 1,191 affected: Meadow Terrace Subd, Hwy 1, Greenwich east to Westwood Ave, Wolfville and adjacent side streets

• 441 affected: Port Williams, Starrs Point, North Kentville

• 1,605 affected: Town of Wolfville from east Main St west to Lynnwood Dr and south to Pleasant St and adjacent side streets

• 321 affected: Lower Wolfville, Grand Pre, Hortonville, Evangeline Beach, Melanson, Walbrook Mtn, Avonport, and adjacent side streets

• 142 affected: Ridge Rd, Gasperau, Greenfield, White Rock, Sunken Lake, Black River and adjacent side roads

• 1,593 affected: Canning, Habitant, Kingsport, Medford, Delhaven, Pereau, Woodside, Blomidon, Scotts Bay, Bennets Bay, Ross Creek and adjacent side streets

• 814 affected: Centreville, Billtown, Steam Mill Village, Glenmont, Baxters Hbr, Lakeville, Halls Hbr and Sheffield Mills and surrounding areas

• 118 affected: Saxton St. east from Hwy 358, Wellington Dyke Rd, Lower Canard, Upper Canard to Middle Dyke Rd south, Hillaton, Upper Church St, Lower Church St. to north end of Starrs Point and adjacent side roads

• 479 affected: Shyway Dr east from University Ave, west end of Pleasant St, Highland Ave, Hillside Ave, Bay St, Highland Place, Fairfield St, Prospect St, Catherine Crt

• Acadia University

• 1,263 affected: Greenwood, Harmony, Central Ave, Kingswood Rd and adjacent side streets

• 1,424 affected: Kingston Center, Pineridge Ave, Bishop Mtn Rd, Bishop Mtn, Ravenwood Subdivision Including adjacent side streets

• 1,025 affected: W Kingston, Wilmot, Stronach Mtn Rd and surrounding areas

• 544 affected: East Kingston, Auburn, Aylesford, Morden, Ogilve, Victoria Harbour, Millville, Nicholsville and surrounding areas.

• 124 affected: West Greenwood, Meadowvale Rd, Messenger Rd, New PMQs, Ward Rd, Harmony Rd, Torbrook Rd and East Torbrook Rd including adjacent side streets


It’s estimated power will be restored by 9 p.m. in the following areas:

• 547 affected: North side of Commercial St, New Minas from Minas Warehouse Rd west to Crescent Dr and adjacent side streets

• 145 affected: Town of Kentville from Prospect Ave and Aberdeen St east to New Minas including adjacent side streets