Thieves target firewood in Falmouth

Ashley Thompson
Published on July 30, 2014

A Falmouth resident is warning neighbours to keep a close watch on their wood piles.

Ruth Angevine, a resident of Town Road, lost a large tree on her property during Hurricane Arthur.

Making the best of messy situation, Angevine opted to use the wood from the damaged tree to heat her home this winter.

“I had to pay $400 to get that tree cut down and that was my money for wood for the winter.”

Even the best-laid plans often go awry. Angevine discovered that roughly two cords of the wood she had cut was missing on July 23.

“They took everything that was cut up in furnace-sized pieces,” she said.

She made some calls and learned a resident of the nearby Gabriel Road was missing about a half a cord of wood.

“She heard a bang this one night and saw a guy going out to the road with a wheelbarrow,” said Angevine.

Angevine worries that the cost of wood will only increase as availability decreases, making it hard to replenish her stock.

“It’s kind of hard when you think of finances, there’s absolutely no way I can replace that,” she said.

“But things are hard out there and people are doing things to get by I guess.”

Const. Andrew Standen, of the Windsor RCMP, said motion lights are one way to protect possessions stored outside.

“The best advice we give for anybody who has any kind of valuables, and I guess we can count wood in that, out on their property is to have it kept in a well lit area.”

Standen said the RCMP could investigate if someone calls in to report strange noises or suspect sightings noted in their yard.