Kings County court report July 31

Published on July 30, 2014
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Fines, probation for cocaine possession


Noreen Dawn Huber has been fined and sentenced to probation for failing to comply with probation in regard to making restitution and for unlawfully possessing cocaine.

Huber changed her pleas to guilty on the two charges on June 25. The matters were adjourned to July 21 for sentencing.

Judge Alan Tufts fined Huber a total of $230 for possessing cocaine and a total of $65 for failing to comply with probation. Huber was sentenced to two years of reporting probation and was re-sentenced to pay a total of $2,200 in restitution from a prior offence.

Huber committed the offences in Kentville between Dec. 15, 2010 and Dec. 14, 2012 and in Auburn on June 22, 2013.


Fines for marijuana possession, probation offence


Trevor St. Elmo Reid, 22, of North Kentville, has been fined for unlawfully possessing cannabis marijuana and for failing to comply with probation.

Reid pleaded guilty to the charges on July 21. Judge Alan Tufts fined him $97.50 on each count, for a total fine of $195.

Reid committed the offences in Kentville on June 25.


Conditional discharge for assault


Andrew Arthur Keith Ross, 31, of Centreville, was given a conditional discharge with 12 months of probation for the assault.

Ross pleaded not guilty to the original charge of assault causing bodily harm last October but changed his plea to guilty to the lesser, included offence of assault on June 11. The matter was adjourned to July 22 to allow time for a pre-sentence report to be prepared and for sentencing.

Judge John MacDougall handed Ross a conditional discharge with 12 months of probation.

Ross committed the offence in North Kentville on June 22, 2013.


Stole property from stores


Grant William Lockhart, 60, and Shirley Elizabeth Lockhart, 35, both of Kentville, have been sentenced to probation and a conditional discharge respectively for stealing property valued at less than $5,000 from the Kingston Superstore.

Both changed their pleas to guilty to the charge on July 24. Grant Lockhart pleaded guilty on June 10 to stealing merchandise from Sears in Dieppe, New Brunswick, on Nov. 22, 2007.

On July 24, Judge John MacDougall sentenced him to 12 months of probation with 25 hours of community service work. He was fined a total of $1.30 and was ordered to pay $30.99 in restitution to the Kingston Superstore.

Shirley Lockhart was handed a conditional discharge with three months of probation on July 24. She has been ordered to pay $27 in restitution to the Kingston Superstore and was fined a $100 victim surcharge. They committed the offence in Kingston on Dec. 10, 2013.