Lobster Bash seeking shelter from the storm in Digby arena

Jonathan Riley, Digby Courier jriley@digbycourier.ca
Published on July 3, 2014

Lobster Bash president Phil Robertson has been keeping a close eye on the weather the last few days as weather forecasters are calling for tropical storm Arthur to crash the Lobster Bash.

©Jonathan Riley

The president of Digby’s Lobster Bash says organizers aren’t going to let a little rain dampen this weekend’s fun.

“It will be dry in the rink and if we have lobster for people to eat, then you know everyone’s going to be happy,” he said. Environment Canada has issued a special tropical cyclone statement as Tropical Storm Arthur develops into a hurricane not far off the Florida coast.

It’s too early to tell how the storm will affect Digby, but Robertson is pretty sure it will be wet and a little windy Saturday.

“If we get the storm that’s supposed to be coming here, most of the events that we can move to the rink, we will move to the rink,” he said Wednesday night after a long committee meeting. “Most of Friday’s events will happen at the rink and most of Saturday’s. As it stands right now, we’re planning to move back down to the waterfront for Sunday morning.”

Friday’s opening ceremonies, the crowning of the King and Queen, lobster trap auctions and opening concert will all happen at the rink Friday night.

The big challenge, says Robertson will be getting the crowd changed over for the licensed kitchen party scheduled to start at 8 p.m.

Even Saturday, when the storm is forecast to be at its worst here, Robertson says they’re only planning to cancel the marine life touch tank and the kid’s water sprinkler – just a little irony in that.

The Lobster Bash food concessions will start at the rink at 11 a.m,. but Robertson isn’t sure at this point if they will have steamed lobster—they usually use outdoor cookers for those—but they will definitely have lobster chowder and lobster rolls for sale.

The lobster trap hauling competition was scheduled to go both Saturday and Sunday and now will be held Sunday only.

The one event they are going to hold outdoors, rain or shine is Saturday’s three-kilometre Mud Dash around the Racquette (the cove at the north end of town).

“If they’re running through all that mud and water anyway, a little rain shouldn’t hurt,” said Robertson. “Neil (Pothier) says we’re running it in the rain.”

Registration starts about 10:30 a.m. on the beach just west of the Digby wharf and the run starts at 11:45 a.m.

The Lobster Crate run scheduled for the Fundy Dockside on Saturday will be postponed to Sunday.

Because of the tide, registration will change to 4:30 p.m. with the runs starting at 5 p.m.

Most of the rest of Saturday’s events will happen at the rink, or as in the case of the Big Rig burnout on the wharf, they may happen Sunday.

Sunday he is pretty sure they’ll be able to move downtown.

“Lobster fishermen go out in this kind of weather all the time,” said Robertson. “If they’re tough enough, we hope the rest of the people will show their support and come out too.”

Robertson says people should keep a close eye on the webpage www.lobsterbash.ca and the Lobster Bash Facebook page, where they will make last minute announcements.

The Digby arena is located at 27 Shreve St., just off Victoria Street behind the Dairy Queen.