Lohr calling on province to release plan to re-open Cape Split

Published on July 16, 2014

John Lohr

©John DeCoste - kingscountynews.ca

The closure of Cape Split is impacting local tourism operators and the government needs to tell people what they’re doing about it, says the PC MLA for the area.

Kings North MLA John Lohr is calling on the Liberal government to release its plan for dealing with the clean-up at Cape Split.

On July 5, Nova Scotia was hard hit by post-tropical storm Arthur, with much of the devastation occurring in the Fundy area. At the time, most of the provincial parks were closed. All have since re-opened, with the exception of Cape Split. The Department of Natural Resources indicates the trail is closed indefinitely due to downed trees.

“This is the height of tourism season for operators in this area,” Lohr said. “They need a little more information than ‘closed indefinitely’. I’m asking the government to release a plan, complete with timelines, so the tourism operators can adjust their plans accordingly.”

Tourism operators in this area were without power for over a week, suffering losses from food spoilage and cancelled reservations.