Union seeks support in bid to save postal jobs

Published on July 14, 2014
Community mailboxes

By Tina Comeau




Saving jobs and saving door-to-door mail delivery is what has prompted the town of Yarmouth to approve a request for a resolution that calls on Canada Post not to proceed with certain measures that have been announced.

At it’s July 10 monthly meeting, council heard a presentation from Canadian Union of Postal Workers representative George Nickerson. The union is gravely concerned over Canada Post’s five-point action plan that it unveiled late last year.

A key component of the plan will see Canadians that receive their mail at their door be converted to community mailboxes instead. This, the union says, will result in job losses and inconveniences to the public.

“We’re here to ask for the town of Yarmouth to pass a resolution to try and stop cuts and save jobs in Yarmouth and save home delivery,” said Nickerson.

Other plans outlined by Canada Post include an increase of the cost of single stamps. Nickerson said while it is true the volume of letter mail has declined over the years, he says a plan such as this increases costs to residents, while other measures by Canada Post present savings to businesses.

The union feels there are other things Canada Post should be looking at to generate revenue, including the concept of postal banking, which is working well in other parts of the world.

Councillors listening to Nickerson’s presentation agreed the prospect of job losses in Yarmouth is concerning, along with the loss of door-to-door delivery.