<strong>Clare recycling centre closing</strong>

Published on June 17, 2014

The Municipality of Clare has decided to cease operations at its Clare recycling centre after two and a half years of operation.

In order to fulfill its continued mandate to divert recyclable waste from landfills, blue-bag material from the Municipality of Clare, Municipality of Digby and from the Town of Digby will once again be delivered to Yarmouth for sorting and processing beginning in August.

  “The decision to close the Clare recycling centre is a necessary one based on finances. Poor markets leading to increased losses have dictated the fate of our municipally-owned operation. Council has made a commitment to reduce expenses and make cuts where possible in order to strengthen the municipality’s financial situation and this closure is a part of that plan,” says Warden Ronnie LeBlanc.

The Municipality of Clare’s CAO, Connie Saulnier is responsible for all operations of the municipality’s multiple departments and says “The closure of any business, including a municipal operation is never easy especially for the people working in the business. We would like to thank the employees at the Clare recycling centre for their hard work and dedication to our venture and we wish them the very best in the future”.

 The recycling centre employs six full-time and several part-time employees and was established inJanuary 2012 on the site of the municipality’s ecoparc (the site of the former Comeau Lumber Ltd.). A building on site had been renovated and re-purposed for the centre’s operations. Other uses for the building will be explored by the municipality’s economic development department as plans to develop the ecoparc move forward.