Old KCA chimney covered up to keep Chimney Swifts out before demolition

Wendy Elliott welliott@kingscountynews.ca
Published on May 5, 2014
Features of the brick chimney at the old KCA make it an ideal site for chimney swifts. A Kentville resident believes these endangered birds are using the site. – Wendy Elliott, www.kingscountynews.ca
Wendy Elliott

The Town of Kentville has covered over the top of the large, brick chimney at the old KCA high school prior to any nesting activity by endangered chimney swifts.

The structure will be demolished in the near future.

Public works director Fred Whynot said that spring weight restrictions had slowed down the schedule for the work.

He asked a staff member to look into the chimney for nests and none were spotted.

There was some concern that Chimney Swifts were using the old KCA chimney.

Kentville resident James Churchill, who is a keen birder, saw a couple of the migratory swifts using the chimney a year ago in May and again in August.

On a Google Street View tour of Kentville, he found four potential chimneys not far from Miner's Marsh where chimney swifts had been seen and pegged the former school as the most likely spot for nesting swifts.

School chimneys in Middleton and New Glasgow are well-known as roosting sites. Canadian chimney swift populations have declined by 95 per cent since 1968.