Kings County From the Cruiser May 27

Wendy Elliott
Published on May 27, 2014
From the cruiser

There were 232 reports made to RCMP in Kings County between May 15 and May 22.

May 15

Someone tampered with mail in a mailbox in Grafton.

There was a break-in at a Port Williams residence.

A report of a youth sexual assault is being investigated.

There was a break-in at a cottage in Baxter’s Harbour that occurred within the last five days.

Five dollars was stolen from an unlocked vehicle in Gaspereau.

An unwanted person was reported in New Minas at 7:53 p.m.

A stranger punched a taxi driver at 9:43 p.m. while the driver was parked in a New Minas parking lot.

May 16

An intoxicated 23-year-old was jailed at 2:32 a.m. in New Minas. Later, two inebriated males were reported in Greenwood.

Loud music was reported at drinking establishment in Wolfville.

A male and female were reported for causing a disturbance in New Minas.

An assault was reported at Acadia University.

Off-road vehicles were used on Highway 101 near Coldbrook.

An unwanted person was reported at 1:40 p.m. from Bishopville.

Someone broke into a home in Lower Canard.

A photo was reported on Facebook of a Canning student with a firearm. It turned out the youth was participating in a school video project.

An individual asked for police assistance to retrieve belongings from a Cambridge apartment.

There were two reports about different dogs left in vehicles in New Minas.

A rock was thrown through a window in Aylesford.

At 8:14 p.m., a suspicious vehicle was noted in Bishopville. Later, a 36-year-old revoked driver was stopped in the same community.

A controlled burn was reported in Greenwood.

A disturbance took place in North Kentville.

A loud party was reported on Winter Street in Wolfville.

A drink container was dropped from a Highway 101 overpass at North Alton and hit a windshield at 9:58 p.m.

May 17

A newly-licenced driver, a 20-year-old female, was warned about driving after midnight in Aylesford.

There was a loud music complaint in Kingston at 2:59 a.m.

At 4 a.m., an 18-year-old driver was stopped in Aylesford. He had been drinking while underage and had open liquor in the vehicle.

There was a complaint about parking near a New Minas yard sale.

Some change was stolen from an unlocked vehicle in Berwick.

A female was caught shoplifting in New Minas.

One vehicle was damaged in North Kentville and another was damaged in Greenwood.

A concern was raised about a baby that was not strapped into a car seat in Wolfville.

An impaired male driver was stopped in Greenwich.

A disturbance took place at an Avonport business.

Some latticework was damaged at a home in South Berwick.

An intoxicate male in New Minas was transported to a friend’s house at 8:18 p.m.

A suspicious vehicle was reported in North Kentville.

A group of three youth were riding off-road vehicles on the road in Auburn. Their parents were contacted.

A man was caught breaching his house arrest.

Police assisted EHS with an aggressive patient in Waterville.

A male driver, age 45, was fined $176.45 for having an unregistered vehicle.

There was a report about a loud garage party on Willow Avenue in Wolfville.

There were 14 domestic incidents. Two different males were arrested for assault.

There were five mental health calls. One elderly woman reported being afraid of a man in her kitchen. He turned out to be her husband.

There were four family relations calls. Two involved assaults.

Three reports came in about possible misuse of the Internet by various youth.

There were seven youth group home calls and one at an adult group home.

There was one collision in Wolfville. Sixteen driving complaints were registered, including one of cars racing in New Minas. One 23-year-old driver was fined $291.45 for unsafe passing.

Checkpoints were set up in Berwick, Aylesford, Welsford, Centreville, Greenwood, Kingston, Tremont, Port Williams and two in Grand Pré.

Two well-being checks were positive and two child welfare concerns. There were four reports of unwanted phone calls. Three came from Greenwich.

There were nine false 911 calls.