Owners of Taproot Farms in Kings County named Canadian Food Heroes

Published on May 23, 2014
 Josh Oulton and Patricia Bishop, owners of Taproot Farms in Kings County, were recognized as Canadian Food Heroes by Slow Food Canada.

Two local farmers have been named 2014 Canadian Food Heroes.

Josh Oulton and Patricia Bishop, owners of Taproot Farms in Starr’s Point, were recognized in Tatamagouche earlier this month at the Slow Food Canada annual meeting.

Six Canadian ambassadors were chosen for their efforts to protect, defend and promote sustainable, good, clean and fair food by actively and positively contributing to a healthy food system, preserving the rich culinary history of their region. Oulton and Bishop were the only representatives chosen from Nova Scotia.

Oulton, the outgoing president of ACORN (Atlantic Canada Organic Regional Network), is an advocate for assisting new farmers. Bishop, who is also a county councillor, is an active volunteer for organizations focusing on preservation of land (No Farms No Food), woman in agriculture (Farmers Helping Farmers) and children and food (Farm to School).

Taproot Farms is now the largest CSA in Nova Scotia, with over 500 shareholders, and their operations are guided by deep organic values: local production for local consumption, and honour and respect for the ecosystem.