Fusion Annapolis Valley event planned in Kentville

Published on April 9, 2014

The launch of Fusion Annapolis Valley April 17 will bring together a cross-section of residents with a vested interest in opportunities and engagement for young adults in this region.

Inspired by the success of Fusion in Saint John, Bangor and Halifax, this non-partisan organization is committed to bringing different voices to the table, said organizer Morgan Wheeldon.

The initiative follows Ray Ivany’s One Nova Scotia report and call to action. The number of young adults leaving Nova Scotia for work has led to projections of decline for the province. One of the issues faced by young adults is the fact securing stable income, let alone a career, can be a significant challenge in Nova Scotia, Wheeldon said. The thought of starting a business can be daunting when economic conditions are not robust enough that there will be stable job prospects in the event a business fails.   

Fusion, he says, has the potential of creating a vehicle through which young adults can build a network, access mentorship from community members, and get directly involved in activities that improve their own prospects by engaging in social enterprise.

Fusion will examine finding ways to partner with the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre, creating a community startup sounding board and facilitating partnerships between young job seekers, entrepreneurs, investors, non-profits and government. 

People of all age groups and backgrounds are welcome to attend the launch, he added. Young adults will not be able to succeed without the support of those most established within this community; this means baby boomers will be welcomed with open arms. Additionally, the organization may decide to broaden its focus because the overarching challenges in this region affect people of across the demographic spectrum.

The event will be held at 6:30 p.m. on April 17 in the Orchards Room at 87 Cornwallis Street, Kentville.

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