Tow truck called to free bus stuck in snow in Kentville area

Published on February 6, 2014

A tow truck had to be called after a bus became stuck in the snow in the Kentville area this morning.

While picking students destined for Aldershot Elementary up at the corner of Scott Drive and Rosedale Drive, the rear right wheel of the bus became trapped in the snow.

“It didn’t go off the road or in the ditch,” said Annapolis Valley Regional School Board communications officer Kristen Loyst. “It just became stuck in the snow.”

Kings County was blanketed with several centimetres of snow following a snowfall warning on Feb. 5. Although school was cancelled in Annapolis County, class was in session in Kings and West Hants, but the school board cautioned that buses would be operating with discretion on side roads.

Within 10 minutes, another bus was dispatched to the bus stop, where the eight students were brought to Aldershot Elementary, Loyst said. There, a staff member met them at the door to confirm they were alright. The school will also be sending a letter home to parents to inform them of the incident.

Loyst said an initial attempt to tow the bus out of the snow with another school bus failed and a tow truck was called to free it.

“In the whole area, this was the one incident in Kings County, and thankfully, the students are fine,” she said.