UPDATE Kentville Fire department battles "stubborn" chimney fire

Published on February 12, 2014

Kentville and New Minas firefighters were tied up for most of Wednesday

afternoon fighting a stubborn chimney fire on East Main Street in



Firefighters responded to the alarm at 241 Main Street at 1:06 p.m., and

on their arrival, found a working chimney fire in the two-storey residence.

According to Deputy Chief Jeff Martin, the officer in charge, the fire

cracked the chimney. Martin was concerned it might have gotten into the

floor spaces, so New Minas was dispatched to mutual aid to the scene.

Martin described the blaze as "a stubborn, long-duration chimney fire."

Firefighters fought the blaze both inside the house and outside, using the

department's 100-foot aerial ladder, as well as investigating whether the

fire had spread to the walls or floors.


Martin confirmed there were no injuries. The occupants of the house were

all outside by the time firefighters arrived. Firefighters returned to

their station at 4:45 p.m.


Martin stressed the importance to homeowners to keep chimneys and

wood-burning appliances properly maintained. Chimneys should be checked at least twice a year as a matter of course, and more often than that -

ideally, "once a month, to be safe" - during a winter like this one, with

cold weather and fluctuating temperatures.


The deputy chief confirmed this was the third chimney fire Kentville

firefighters had responded to within five days. On Monday, Feb. 10,

Kentville responded to a working chimney fire in Coldbrook, and on

Saturday, Feb. 8, to another chimney fire that destroyed a garage and

caused damage to an adjacent house.


Overall, he said, this year so far has been "no worse than usual, given

the type of winter it's been." Overall, as of 5 p.m. On Feb. 12, Kentville

had responded to 26 alarms since the start of 2014.