Updated: Team removes dangerous device from Lockeport beach

Published on June 18, 2014
The object discovered on Crescent Beach, is likely a marine location marker used by search and rescue, and will be disposed of by a military team enroute to Lockeport.
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By Amy Woolvett

A device that washed up on Crescent Beach that came complete with a warning label has been removed by a team from CFB Greenwood.

Just over two weeks ago a similar device containing a label directing whoever should find it to call the RCMP or military,was found in Jordan Bay and it was determined to be a marine location marker, used in search and rescue.

Wednesday morning, a call went to Mayor Darian Huskilson of Lockeport by a resident who found the device on Crescent Beach. 

“I marked it off and stayed with it to keep people away for almost two hours until the RCMP arrived,” said Huskilson.

Police secured the device until the Greenwood team arrived to dispose of it.

The last time a similar object washed up, the military destroyed the device by controlled detonation, an explosion which was heard and felt over a large area.

According to the military, marine location markers contain red phosphorous and, if not completely burned out, are very dangerous and may cause severe burns if handled.

The Lockeport Mayor said in this case the object was too close to homes and roads to destroy with a controlled detention.