Region puts $20,000 towards NS Music Week bid

Nick Moase
Published on May 28, 2014
Queens is looking to bring Nova Scotia Music Week back for another year, possibly three. The Region of Queens Municipal council voted to support the bid by providing $20,000 per year to the event if it comes back to the county. 
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The Region of Queens Municipality is supporting the bid to bring Nova Scotia Music Week back to Queens County. 

On May 27, Region council voted to put forward $20,000 in principle for support. The funding is conditional on the event actually coming to Queens.

The bid is being put forth by a committee under the South Queens Chamber of Commerce; the committee is co-chaired by Kevin Page and Brian Fralic. 

In November 2012, NSMW was held in Liverpool, and had considerable economic impact in the area. 

Nova Scotia Music Week can bring 600 to 1,000 delegates to a community, and hundreds to the nightly performances.

"The spin off economic impact of these visitors in terms of food, accommodations, retail and service purchases is important to our business community.  Our Council supports economic development,” says Mayor Christopher Clarke.

In recent years, this event has become highly sought by communities because of the economic impact for the host community and also for the positive media exposure it garners.  As a result, not all who bid to be a host community are accepted.  A bid may be denied completely, or approved by Music Nova Scotia for one, two or three years. 

Council’s approval will allow the committee’s bid to be considered by Music Nova Scotia; it is required that any community putting in a bid to host this event secure a $20,000 cash licensing fee per hosting year. To increase the chances of being approved for a year, Page and Fralic are applying for three years, instead of choosing one year and losing the bid because the event is a better fit in another location. 

If the bid is successful for multiple years, the Region will provide the $20,000 per year that is necessary.

Events Liverpool is a subcommittee of the South Queens Chamber of Commerce, and Page and Fralic, co-chairs for the current bid application, also worked in conjunction with Events Liverpool and the South Queens Chamber of Commerce for when hosting the 2012 NSMW.  

The bid application deadline for NSMW is June 9.  The successful host communities will be announced on Nov. 9 at the 2014 NSMW in Truro.