Unsual lobster catches

Published on May 17, 2014

By Tina Comeau




As the commercial lobster season winds down in southwestern Nova Scotia, some local fishermen have been hauling up some unusual and eye-catching lobsters in their traps.

On May 9, the crew fishing aboard the Ashley Alissa out of Abbot’s Harbour in Pubnico caught a four-clawed lobster in Lobster Bay.

Fisherman Ellis d’Entremont said, “It was the first time seeing such an oddity.”

The lobster is on display at Vernon’s Café in West Pubnico.

The following day, on May 10, fisherman Grant Cunningham and the crew he was with onboard the French Lily hauled up a two-tone lobster in their catch. The lobster had a straight line dividing the colour of it into two distinctive halves.

Cunningham said he’s personally never seen a lobster like this before.

“I’ve not seen that colour. I’ve seen partly yellow, partly blue, but not with a straight line right down the middle of the back with half orange, half dark,” he said.

The lobster was caught near the Yarmouth Lighthouse in False Harbour.

The lobster has been on display at Rudder’s Seafood and Brew Pub.