Premier announces realignment to Nova Scotia government departments

Published on March 7, 2014

Premier Stephen McNeil will be guest speaker in January at the Burns Dinner organized by the Digby Area Board of Trade.

NS Information photo

Premier Stephen Government announced a realignment of government departments Friday morning.

"We need to get government's house in order so we can focus on better serving Nova Scotians," said McNeil March 7. "Over the past four months, we took a broad look at the workings of government overall. These are changes that will result in efficiencies for government, and in turn -- and more importantly -- better service for Nova Scotians."

Municipal Affairs will become its own department, including the Emergency Management Office, and the Office of the Fire Marshal. Mark Furey will remain Minister of Municipal Affairs and  Service Nova Scotia. An advisory board will be established for Service Nova Scotia so clients can have ongoing input into the way services are delivered.

Dan McDougall will become deputy minister of Municipal Affairs and recruitment will soon begin for a new chief executive officer of Service Nova Scotia. 

A new Department of Internal Services will combine various support functions to government in one department, with a focus on identifying efficiencies across departments.

The following functions will move to the Department of Internal Services:

-- the Chief Information Office

-- procurement services

-- payment transaction services

-- operational accounting

-- payroll client relations

-- internal audit

-- Queens Printer

-- FOIPOP advisory services

-- real property services (with exception of land acquisition and disposal)

-- public safety and field communications

-- building services

-- environmental services (Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal branch)

-- risk management and claims

-- Nova Scotia Lands Inc.

Labi Kousoulis will be the minister, in addition to Minister responsible for the Public Service Commission, and Jeff Conrad has been appointed deputy minister.

 The premier also appointed Joanne Bernard as Minister responsible for the Status of Women Act, in addition to her responsibilities as Community Services Minister and Minister responsible for the Disabled Persons' Commission Act. This is effective today, March 7.

The other moves are effective April 1.