<strong>Unification of Port Latour, Barrington Fire Departments hits snag</strong> <strong></strong>

Greg Bennett gbennett@thecoastguard.ca
Published on March 14, 2014

By Greg Bennett

A planned amalgamation of the Port LaTour and Barrington Fire Departments hit a bit of a bump at Monday night’s Barrington Municipal Council meeting.

As part of a major overhaul of the organization of fire services in the municipality, a recommendation to unify the two departments was delayed after concerns from some Port LaTour firefighters were relayed.

Councillor Jody Crook said he had been told some firefighters had not been informed about the meeting where the decision to join the two departments was made.

“My understanding is that Port LaTour and Barrington are going to have another meeting because at the first meeting Port LaTour felt it was not well represented,” said Councillor Crook.

Although council deferred a decision on the matter until its next meeting, some councillors expressed frustration with the delay.

 “I don’t know at a duly called meeting with a quorum with due process followed …I don’t see where basically on the basis of hearsay to put a hold on a motion,” said councillor Shawn Hatfield.

Warden Eddie Nickerson also questioned the reason for a delay.

“They made a recommendation to council and then how do we say …no we’re not going to listen to the fire services advisory committee?” said Warden Eddie Nickerson.

With a delay in a decision to unite the two departments, the municipality also put a hold on plans to purchase a plot of land for a new fire station.

Last month, concerns about the future of the local fire departments saw community members come out in force at the Port Clyde Fire Hall.

At that meeting, people questioned how the proposed amalgamation of fire departments as well as changes in training requirements and a move to pay for fire services through an area rate would impact local volunteer fire departments.