<strong>Shelburne senior housing complex finally open for tenants</strong> <strong></strong>

Published on March 14, 2014

A Shelburne senior housing complex is finally open for tenants.

By Amy Woolvett

After many delays, Shelburne area’s first senior living apartment complex is ready for occupancy.

Residents of Harbourside Landing had to scramble as the occupancy became further delayed over the past months.

“We actually lost a couple,” said Joan Bower.  “There were some who were a bit upset.”

Some had sold their homes and were left to move in with family and friends.

“We tried to accommodate as best we could by letting people move their furniture ahead of time,” said Bower.

 “Most were not in a bad situation but still were not happy with the delays,” she said.

The delays were mainly due to behind schedule construction and most recently a wait for an occupancy permit.  The permit was finally approved on Thursday, March 13. 

“I feel like celebrating,” said Bower. 

She is happy the difficulties of the apartments are now behind them and plans to focus on filling the units throughout the year.