“Miracle baby” born in Halifax has a name

Published on March 12, 2014


Robin Cyr's newborn baby girl in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the IWK Health Centre on Sunday.

TC Media

TC Media

The mother of the ‘miracle baby’ born at the IWK Health Centre this week says she appears to be making a steady recovery – and yes, she has a name.

Robin Cyr’s child wasn’t breathing when she was delivered around 3 a.m. March 8 after a difficult and complicated labour.

The baby was declared dead after about 25 minutes, Cyr said – but suddenly started breathing on her own shortly after medical staff had stopped trying to revive her.

On Tuesday, an exhausted-sounding Cyr said she had settled on a name for the big newborn, who weighed in at more than nine pounds: Mireya, a Spanish name that means ‘miracle.’

“I’ve seen her open her eyes for the first time,” said Cyr, 34, during a brief phone conversation Tuesday afternoon, adding that doctors were pleased with the baby’s progress. “In maybe another four or five hours, I’ll get to hold her for the first time.”

Since Metro News published Cyr’s story Monday, it has been picked up by international media including the British publication the Daily Mail and the New York Daily News.

But Cyr said she still hasn’t processed the reality of almost having lost her fourth child.

“It didn’t hit me yet,” she said, adding she’s been “very busy,” with visits from friends and concerned relatives – all of which she’s trying to juggle around caring for her newborn.

Mireya’s aunt said the emotional roller coaster that started with the little girl’s highly eventful arrival in the world hasn’t subsided for anyone.

With the baby still in the neonatal intensive care unit, Anita Richards said she’s trying to carry some of the burden for the overwhelmed new mother by dealing with some of the medical realities.

“Every time I’m here, I’m making sure I’m on top of the questions like, ‘How’s her progress today? When are the wires going to come off? When does she switch to the heating bed?’” said Richards, adding that the baby’s oxygen tubes have been removed and she’s been moved to a heating bed.

The IWK is conducting a review of the case.