Aggravated assault charge laid in case of missing NS man

Greg Bennett
Published on February 28, 2014
An aggravated assault charge has been laid in connection in the case of a missing man from Nova Scotia. David Myles MacIntosh is believed to have fallen through the ice in Saskatoon after an early morning altercation on a bus.

A 33-year-old Saskatoon man has been charged with aggravated assault in connection with a missing person investigation involving a Nova Scotia man.

The charge was laid in connection with the disappearance of 28-year-old Gregory "Myles" MacIntosh, who was reported missing when he failed to return home after visiting a Saskatoon bar with friends on Feb. 1.

Saskatoon Police say an investigation found that MacIntosh was asked to leave the bar following some sort of disturbance. He then boarded a pub crawl bus which was traveling to an east side bar. Police were then called to an altercation between two men on the same bus minutes later.

 Based on numerous witness statements investigators believe one of those men was Myles MacIntosh, however when officers arrived MacIntosh had left the scene on foot. Following that, a report was received that a person had fallen into the South Saskatchewan River.

A search was conducted by emergency responders, however no one was located. The following day, Saskatoon Police located blood evidence on the ice where the person was last seen. That evidence was sent for testing which, this week, has been confirmed to be that of Myles MacIntosh.

MacIntosh, who grew up in the Lunenburg area, has Shelburne County family ties.

The man charged with aggravated assault in the case was scheduled to appear in court in Saskatoon on Friday, Feb. 28.