New top cop in Shelburne welcomes posting

Published on February 25, 2014
Sgt. Benjamin Parry is the new head of the Shelburne RCMP Detachment.

By Amy Woolvett

There is a new sergeant in town with the Shelburne RCMP.

Sgt. Benjamin Parry recently filled the position at the local detachment and is happy with his move.

“I am really lucky to get this position,” he says.  “We love it here.”

He moves to the area with his wife and two young daughters who are three and four years old.

Sgt. Parry says he is happy to be closer to his in-laws who reside in Cape Breton.

That is a lot closer than his previous position in Nunavut, where he served for the past two years and the North West Territories for seven years before that.

“My daughter is happy we don’t have to take four planes to see family,” he says.  “And we look forward to having a grassy area.”

While the North may seem like a difficult job option for many, Sgt. Perry says it is what he has always known.

“I love the north,” he says. “I grew up in Yellowknife.”

Being from the north, he grew up taking a snowmobile to school instead of a school bus and has been a hunter all his life.

He says he is settling into the Shelburne job and is figuring out the best approaches to take towards policing the community.

“I can’t take my northern policing experiences and apply it on the south,” he says. 

He was able to settle into his home recently and plans on being sergeant for a long time.

“It’s a nice small town but not too small,” he says.  “We really love it.”